How do I set up Scandit Express on Android?

Please note that you need a valid Scandit Express subscription to follow the steps below. Learn how to Sign Up for a free 14-day trial.


Follow the below instructions (for existing projects)

1. Login to

2. Click on your project card


3. Scan the QR code of the project with the built-in QR scanner of your smart device. You will be forwarded to the Play Store. Install Scandit Express from there and your application will automatically be configured with the project of the scanned QR code.

4. Once installed, Android will ask you to grant Scandit Express camera access so it can scan barcodes.

If the app is open on the same device as the one in which you have opened the Scandit dashboard, click on the "Copy Project Code" link next to the QR code in the dashboard. Then go to the Scandit Express app, Switch Projects and click "enter code manually" at the bottom of the screen. You can then paste the project code.

5. Scandit Express will then guide you through the necessary settings on your phone to enable scanning into any application.

6. Click on “Set it up now” and, as the first step mentions, “Go to settings”. There, activate Scandit Express as a keyboard.

If the instructions do not appear, you can enable Scandit Express Keyboard in Settings > Language and Input > On-screen keyboard > Manage Keyboards.


7. After that, you need to switch your existing keyboard with the Scandit Express keyboard. The app guides you through this process. . Go to “Go to settings” and select Scandit Express keyboard.


8. Once you have finished all steps, Scandit Express will now be present whenever your keyboard is open. By clicking on the “SWITCH KEYBOARD” button, you can also easily switch back to another keyboard if you want.



Install Scandit Express on unmanaged BYOD or partner devices.

  1. Use the QR-project code located in your dashboard
  2. Decode it - it will give you a URL. You can use to do so.
  3. This URL can be sent via email/sms/slack/etc allowing the recipient to install SE on their device and directly activate the project the link was created for.

MDM Deployment

You can find specific guidelines for MDM Deployment on Android in the following article: 

How is Scandit Express for Android deployed via an EMM/MDM solution?



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