How do I scan barcodes?

Scandit Express offers several different scanning modes:


  • Accuracy mode: Use this mode to select one barcode out of many. This mode detects all barcodes available. It then gives visual feedback on the screen (an augmented-reality overlay) so the user can select the target barcode. This mode scans one barcode at a time.
                                                                accuracy gif small.gif

  • Speed mode: Use this mode to scan barcodes consecutively at high speed. This mode scans successive items at high speed without the need to keep tapping on the screen.
                                                               speed gif small.gif
    By purchasing MatrixScan, the following new section are enabled:
  • Batch mode: Use this mode to scan a batch of barcodes all at once. This mode scans all visible barcodes instantly. It’s perfect when all barcodes are visible and the volume is high.

                                                                batch small gif.gif

  • List mode: The list mode icon allows the user to see the list of barcodes that have been scanned. List mode, when activated,  works for barcodes scanned in any mode (basic speed scanning, accuracy, and batch).
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