How do I find items: Find mode, powered by MatrixScan Find

You can also use Scandit Express to speed up finding and picking tasks. 

There are different ways to provide a list of barcodes to find for the end-user. We recommend that you start with creating a list with the barcodes to find (a Find List) on our Find List generator. Here is how it works (see image below).


Online Find List generator


Spreadsheet Find List generator

If you don’t want to use our online Find List generator you can also create your own spreadsheet to create Find List Codes. Here is a template you can use and adjust to your own needs: [Find List spreadsheet template] 


There are several other ways you can create lists of barcodes for finding (explained in depth below):

  • Create the list by scanning the barcodes to find directly from the device. E.g. from a delivery sheet containing the barcodes to find.
  • Send a link that has the Find List embedded, to the device of the end-user.
  • Integrate Find links and codes in your own application.


Create a list on device

In Scandit Express, select “Create List & Find” and start scanning all barcodes you want to find (e.g. from a reference sheet). When you are done you can start finding them on the shelf. 


Send a link with the Find List

You can also generate a URL in the format shown below and send it to the end-user (as text message, slack, email, etc.). 

When the link is opened on the device, Scandit Express starts, the list of barcodes is shown and the user can start finding the barcodes with one click.

Here’s an example: 


You can do it yourself, as explained below, or you can use our spreadsheet template to generate Find Links: [Find Link spreadsheet template].

To do it yourself, use the same link above and set two fields (the query parameters in the URL) to customize it:

Field name Description
listName Specify the name of the list, e.g. include the order number or similar to help the user
data List all barcodes in the find list separated by “,” (comma)


Important: Don’t forget to use URL encoding, which is available in all systems:


Take the final link and send it to the end-user with the messaging system of your choice. 


Integrate Find Lists (from links or QR codes) in your own application

You can also integrate the links with Find List (with the barcodes to find embedded in them) in your own application. 


To integrate a link follow the instructions above to create it, and then display the link in your app or your website. If a user clicks on the link it will start Scandit Express and show the list of codes that need to be found.


To integrate specific barcodes to find, you need to follow 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Generate a JSON string.
  • Step 2: Generate a QR code from the JSON string and display it to the user. 


We encode your barcode values into a JSON object as shown below. The JSON object is directly encoded as a string into a QR-code to create the “Find Code”.




"listName": "Pick list 230523", 

"part": 1, 

"partsTotal": 1, 

"data": ["050755164998737161267150050464","267904872997493075660232174005","003599442103692589922600168806","794304938682592584917910934794","067998913805565298544505960433","429412684815666169331665683721","629486918747410911816814820923","918501883962214718784809774935","771678071143373996836361503435","535726211992040548851819865224"] 



The space in QR codes is limited, so if you have more codes that can fit into a single QR code, you can create multiple codes. A good rule of thumb is to limit to 2000 barcode characters for a single QR code. Simply adjust the “partsTotal” field ("partsTotal": 2) and number each code using the "part" field accordingly ("part": 1 and "part": 2).


Finally, take the JSON created and generate a QR code from it. As an example you can check the implementation in our spreadsheet template (look at the hidden fields in column D-K): [Find code spreadsheet template]. You can then display the QR in your app or website. From Scandit Express, the user can scan the QR with “Load List & Find” and start finding the barcodes.

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