What’s the easiest way to start building a proof of concept?

For many PoCs Scandit’s pre-built options are the best starting point. They come with inbuilt UI that solves many common scanning challenges encountered on smart devices for you, allowing you to prototype easily and test quickly.


Scanning single barcodes? Try SparkScan. This pre-built component for high-speed scanning includes an out-of-the-box user interface (UI) optimized for efficiency and a frictionless worker experience. 


  • Large, moveable, semi-transparent scan button floats on top of any app – no need to design the scanning interface.
  • Hold the phone right or left handed, scan from any orientation, and scan without relying on a screen for aiming.


It’s ready with just a few lines of code. (Don’t believe us? Check out our documentation for iOS, Android, React Native, and Xamarin iOS/Android/Forms.).

Want to scan multiple barcodes for counting and receiving use cases? Try MatrixScan Count. This pre-built component for counting and receiving builds interface (UI) elements and interactions into an efficient workflow.


  • Leans on the familiar paradigm of a camera, including a shutter button that the user operates in order to initiate scanning.
  • Feedback is overlaid as augmented reality (AR) icons on top of scanned barcodes. A button counter badge and progress bar provide further confirmation of scan.
  • Additionally, AR icons can be used to indicate codes that are unscannable, or items that should not be present.

Find out how easy it is to integrate in our documentation for iOS, Android, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android


Scanning multiple barcodes in order to locate items? Test MatrixScan Find.  This is a pre-built UI that uses augmented reality overlays to highlight items that match predefined criteria.

  • MatrixScan Find is inspired by the familiar paradigm of a camera, including a shutter button that the user operates in order to control search.
  • It highlights items with obvious and colorful visual dots on screen.
  • When paused, MatrixScan Find showcases a carousel showing all the items that are currently being searched for, with a check mark showing those that have been found.
  • The Quick Start Guide takes you through the process to install the full UI. However, you can then customize it by choosing to remove any elements on the screen except for the AR overlays. This allows you to create custom UIs suitable for your own workflows.


Integrate with just a few lines of code for Android or iOS

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