How can I evaluate Scandit’s scanning performance against other SDKs?

We’ll just come out and say it: any SDK can scan barcodes. But Scandit’s SDK stands out at the margins that can make or break your application. You can learn more about the differences between Scandit and open-source scanning software here.

But we know you’ll want to test this yourself. So how do you test an SDK to make sure it truly works for your use case?

First, take your device, stand up, and leave your desk. In fact, leave your house or office. 

Scanning happens in the real world, where barcodes can get damaged, lighting can be low, environments are loud, and cellular signal is spotty.

You may also find that the quickest way to evaluate Scandit’s scanning performance is using one of our demo apps.


Are you building for a delivery use case?  Consider that drivers are doing acceptance scanning in the early hours on a loading dock. They also need to be able to scan in any orientation - when a barcode is upside down or sideways, or when you need to flip your phone upside down to reach a barcode on a box on the ground.  

Are you scanning in a warehouse? Items often come in wrapped in plastic.  Can you scan them despite the reflections and glare?  Consider that you may need to scan codes that are high up.  Your workers might need to easily access zoom with a one-handed swipe gesture.  If you need long range continuously, you might need to consider increasing the camera resolution.  

Is your app for scanning in a grocery store? Grocery stores have the largest selection of difficult codes - on curved bottles, on crumpled packets, on very tiny items.

They can also be loud places. Audio feedback is not enough, and anyways order pickers are often wearing headphones.  This is where haptic feedback can help.

Scanning IDs for age-verified delivery of alcohol? What will happen if providing clear guidance, feedback and helpful hints to the drivers doing the scanning can make the difference between a smooth workflow and confusion.  

N.B. While our production license works in offline mode, our test SDK needs internet access. Let us know if you need to test with an offline key.

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