How to add augmented reality (AR) overlays to a Matrix Scan implementation?

If you’re working with a project that uses MatrixScan (Barcode Tracking API), you can benefit from the use of AR overlays by allowing users to dynamically interact with and receive visual feedback from visible barcodes.


What are some examples of the features of augmented reality overlays?

  • Dynamically highlight and track potential barcodes in the data capture view
  • Color-code barcodes based on back-end data using highlights, for example, coloring out of stock item barcodes in red
  • Use interactive bubbles that hover above a barcode and display detailed information when the user moves closer to the barcode

To benefit from any of the above features, you’ll need to make use of AR overlays.


For more information regarding the implementation of overlays, please see your framework’s relevant documentation, or download the MatrixBubblesSample (available on Android, iOS, Cordova, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, Xamarin Forms, React Native, Flutter, and Capacitor) from your Scandit “Samples” dashboard to see a live project showcasing a use case of AR overlays .


See if you want to learn more.


Additional framework-specific documentation:


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