How can I pinpoint the exact device in the analytics report in my account?

You can view the scan analytics data in your dashboard

By default every activated device is assigned a random but unique generated name called Device ID:



Due to the nature of the Device ID being generated by the SDK itself, one can't identify a device and in particular not between device models.

However, it is possible to set up a custom name that will be associated with this particular device's generated Device ID.
To do this you need to specify this name when instantiating the DataCaptureContext:

Swift example:

context = DataCaptureContext.init(licenseKey: "YOUR SCANDIT LICENSE KEY HERE", deviceName: "YOUR DEVICE NAME HERE")

Links to our Documentation:











Note that this does not change the Device ID itself in any way, but it associates the generated device name to a new string. Therefore:

  1. As soon as a particular device name is set for the device - all previous and future usages of that device will be associated with that name in your account
  2. If you initialize the datacapture context again on the same device but with a different name - it will overwrite the previous device name in your account
  3. While the generated name is unique - the custom name is not. it is possible to give different devices the same name (e.g. if you want to identify a group of devices)

Please be aware that the device name is submitted and collected by Scandit Servers and you should not submitted Personal Identifiers through this functionality.

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