Can I renew an expired key?

Some license keys have expiration dates. You will be notified of upcoming expiration dates via warnings on the dashboards as well as emails.


 In case your license key expires, you will need to create or request a new one (it is not possible to edit the existing ones since they are encoded while being created).

  1. For trials,  you can create create a new license key in the dashboard
  2. For paid subscriptions, you can request license keys from the dashboard 

How to find / create a license key?


As a last resort, expired keys on production accounts can be extended on an emergency basis for 14-days to prevent disruptions to your production applications.  An eligible expired key will display a “Renew” button.  Clicking this button, regenerates a key with the same features for another 14 days. 


When expired keys are re-issued (including emergency extension), you will need to replace the license keys in your application.

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