Inverse Barcode (codes with inverted colors)


What are inverse barcodes and does Scandit read them?

Barcodes are typically created using dark elements and bright backgrounds.

However, some of them are using inverted colors as shown below.

Screenshot_2022-01-11_at_16.29.20.png Screenshot_2022-01-11_at_16.29.57.png
Datamatrix code Inverse Datamatrix Code

Scandit does support reading both variants for given barcode symbologies

By default, reading inverse barcodes need to be enabled particularly within the symbology settings.


How to enable reading inverse barcodes?

→ In Web SDK (5.x):

// Let's enable inverted color reading for datamatrix codes

You will find more information about this method in our documentation for webSDK


→ in Native SDK’s or frameworks:

// Example for iOS - Let's enable inverted color reading for datamatrix codes
settings = BarcodeCaptureSettings() let symbologySettings = settings.settings(for: .datamatrix) symbologySettings.isColorInvertedEnabled = true
// more details here:

For other platforms - Open documentation for the platform you use(start here: ) and open

“Barcode Scanning”->”Configure Which Barcodes Are Read”

from the list on the left side and find the “Read Bright-on-Dark Barcodes” section. You will find there a description of the use and code snippet.

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