How can I sign up for a trial license key for AppSheet?

This article is about how to enable Scandit Enterprise Grade Barcode Scanning capabilities within your AppSheet Application.

There are different ways to evaluate Scandit's technology in AppSheet

  1. Try based on an AppSheet template without any implementation effort
  2. Acquire you're own 30 day free trial license for your own AppSheet implementation
  3. Get your production license key to leverage Scandit technology at scale

1. Try with AppSheet Template

You can test the Scandit integration without any implementation effort by pushing the following Template App to your AppSheet client:


2. Get your 30 day free trial for Scandit in AppSheet

  1.  You need to have an active AppSheet account
  2. Sign-up to receive your free 30-Day license key for scanning in Google AppSheet
  3. Login to your dashboard under and to to Projects, Click "Add a project"image001.png
  4. Choose "Cross-Platform App" and select the “Google AppSheet” selection as the choice provided below. image003.png
  5. Choose a project name, e.g. “Scandit Trial for Google AppSheet”image005.png
  6. Enter a description of your license key:image007.png
  7. The Application ID (for Android) and Bundle ID (for iOS) will be auto-populated for you, but you should double check that the auto-populated values are correct for your particular deployment as these would be valid for a default appSheet app that is not white-listed (e.g. the appId and bundle ID would be made unique in order for you to publish them on the respective App Store and Google Play Store).image009.png
  8. Click Finish. Once your License Key has been generated. Copy it from your Scandit dashboard clicking on the following “copy” icon.     image011.png
  9. Open AppSheet and Select My  account from the upper right hand corner of the screen (you can find more help here:
  10. Select Integrations > App Services and Click New App Service.image015.png
  11. Click Scandit Mobile Device Scanner.image017.png
  12. Enter a unique and recognizable name for the license key in the Name field. Ideally, select the same Description as you have entered in the Scandit Dashboard.
  13. Paste your copied license key into the Access Key field.image019.png
  14. Click Save! Enjoy Scandit Barcode Scanning Technology for Enterprises!

3. Get your production license

In order to get your license key, please reach out directly to your local Scandit Representative with whom you should already be acquainted with. 

If for some reason you do not have a contact at Scandit to reach out to, please get in touch with us via the following form


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