Epic Rover displays "Error 23 - Invalid External ID"

The error message

"Failed to enable camera barcode scanning. Error 23: The Scandit SDK license validation failed. The external id does not match with the license key."

refers to a mismatch of the Epic CID within the Scandit license key.


The Scandit license key has a reference to the CID included to avoid the use of the license key outside of the corresponding hospital/Epic instance.


In order to solve the issue, you need to have a new license key with your correct CID encoded.

For trial subscriptions of the Scandit SDK in Epic Rover, you can create a new key on your own in your dashboard

In case you have a paid subscription, please reach out to us directly via the support request form

and let us know your Epic CID. 


Please also note our additional article on how to set the license key in your Epic server settings:

How can I sign up for a trial licence key for Epic Rover?



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