React Native - RN 0.60 support

ReactNative 0.60 introduced autolinking to link native modules through CocoaPods based on a podspec file. Currently, the Scandit ReactNative package is not distributed through CocoaPods, neither does it include a podspec file, so the autolinking process fails. Initially we weren’t aware of this breaking change in the new version of ReactNative, but we’ll be providing a solution in the next release of our package.

The upcoming 5.12 version of the Scandit ReactNative package will provide a solution to this issue, so ReactNative will be able to autolink the Scandit libraries that are necessary for the ReactNative package to work.

We will provide more information and exact steps to integrate the package with autolinking when 5.12 is publicly available.

The next major version of ReactNative (on the roadmap for Q4 2019) will provide full CocoaPods support for both the native libraries and the ReactNative package, so it’ll be considerably easier to add our package to a ReactNative project.

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