How can I configure the scanner integration on the Enterprise Browser dashboard?

When configuring a bookmark on, you can specify multiple scanner integrations (to add an additional one, save the page and an empty new integration will be added).

Scanner integrations are split into multiple parameters:

  • Input field which will trigger the scan, this is a CSS selector which ties triggering the scanner to an input field on your web application
  • Scanner start: You can either start the scanner as soon as the input field mentioned above is present (this will launch the scanner in split view) or when the user taps the input field (which will launch the scanner full screen for a single scan)
  • Submit form: If activated, the scanner will automatically submit the form the barcode has been scanned into.
  • Form Submit Element: Should the input field not be part of a actual html form, this css selector specifies a button which is virtually clicked by the enterprise browser.

CSS selectors are a standard web technology to query elements on a website. You can learn more about CSS selectors at: W3Schools: CSS Selector Reference

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