How can the barcode scanner in the Enterprise Browser be integrated into my website?

The default way would be through our dashboard configuration by following the below process:

  1. Sign in with your login on 
  2. On the projects page, open an existing project or create a new one and open it.
  3. Click on the "Add new bookmark" button and start setting up your bookmark
    1. Give it a name and enter the URL of your website
    2. Select the right UI elements
      1. Top UI bar: displays at all time the name of the bookmark at the top of the browser
      2. Navigation buttons: displays at all time navigation buttons at the bottom of the browser
      3. Logout button: displays at all time a button to log out of all bookmarks
  4. Set-up the scanner integrations you need
  5. Select the symbologies you want to enable
  6. Enter additional settings such as regex, zoom, data formatting

In the event you want a tighter integration than the options given by the dashboard configuration above, you can use the Barcode Scanner API. This will require you to make changes to your website.




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