How can the barcode scanner in the Enterprise Browser be integrated?

The barcode scanner in the Enterprise Browser can fundamentally be integrated in two ways:

Via dashboard configuration:

If you can’t or prefer to not change your web application, you can configure the behaviour of the barcode scanner via the web dashboard. You can specify input fields which trigger the scanner automatically, submit forms after scanning and other options.

Learn more on how to configure the scanner integration on the dashboard.

Via Barcode Scanner API:

Any website loaded in the enterprise browser has direct access to the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. One example of this is available via the pre-setup Javascript Demo in your account. In this demo, the website directly controls the scanner via our Apache Cordova API.  You can access the source code for index.html and main.js files to see how simple such an integration can be.

This API is provided by the Scandit Cordova Plugin. For a full reference, please check out the the API documentation of our Cordova API at



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