What is the size of the Scandit SDK?

The following tables give you an indication of the built app size containing Scandit SDK based on Scandit samples (available with the SDK) for iOS + Android:



Scandit Application Sample (File Size of built .ipa) SDK 6.21
BarcodeCaptureSimpleSampleObjC (thinned IPA for iPhone 13) 5.8 MB
IdCaptureSimpleSample (thinned IPA for iPhone 13) 15.1 MB
ID Validation (USDLVerificationSample) 24.6 MB




Scandit Application Sample
(File Size of built .apk, split build for arm64-v8a)
SDK 6.21
BarcodeCaptureSimpleSample 23.0 MB
IdCaptureSimpleSample 34.8 MB
ID Validation (USDLVerificationSample) 47.7 MB


How can I measure the size of my own application?


The not thinned app contains bitcode and multiple slices for architecture types, therefore its size is different from the same part of the final app installed on the device. Thinning is automatically applied by the iOS App Store and users only download the "thinned" builds. 

You can get the final size of your app as explained in Apple documentation (see Create the App Size Report):


Split builds have to be set up manually on the Google Play Store. More information on this is available via If implemented this way, users only download the split build for their device.



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