How can I transform and parse the scanned data?

As with Bluetooth Scanners, the Keyboard Wedge gives you several options to parse and transform the scanned data before injecting it in the input field on focus.

To access these settings:

  1. Login at with your credentials
  2. Click on the project card you want to modify
  3. Scroll down to the "Data Validation" section

In this section you can set:

  • Parsing:
    • Parse GS1: Adds parentheses around the Application Identifiers (AI) of GS1 barcodes. For example, the GS1 barcode with AIs 01xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx17yyyyyy10zzzzzz would be returned as (01)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(17)yyyyyy(10)zzzzzz.
    • Remove Checksum: Removes the checksum of an EAN13, EAN8, or UPCA barcode from the scanned data. For example, the EAN13 code 4719512002889 where the checksum in 9 would be injected as 471951200288.
  • Prefix and Suffix: Adds the entered prefix/suffix to the scanned data. For example, if you enter "]9" as a prefix and scan the barcode 4719512002889, the scanner will inject ]94719512002889.
  • Validate: See the last section of How can I configure what barcodes are recognized?
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