How can I call the Enterprise Browser's Barcode Scanner API on my website?

Any website loaded in the enterprise browser has direct access to the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. This can be used as an alternative to a Dashboard configuration when there is a need for a tighter integration.


There are two examples of such usage in the sample project created with your account on

  • JavaScript Demo: A simple sample showing how the API can be used with the Enterprise Browser. 
  • JavaScript MatrixScan Demo: A sample showing how MatrixScan can be integrated in a Website using the API.

The source code of the simple demo can be found in the index.html and main.js files.

How to use it

The API is provided by the Scandit Cordova Plugin. For a full reference, please check out the API documentation of our Cordova API at Our samples given above will give you a good overview of how to set it up.

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