How can I sign up for a trial license key for Epic Rover?

Please note that you can test the Scandit integration without any implementation in the Epic Revor App (Google Play Store and iOS Store).

If/when you decide to test Scandit in your production environment (Epic Rover), it is always recommended that you reach out to your Epic Clin. Doc. TS.

In addition, you can find a short guidance below  on how to retrieve a Scandit test license key and integrate it in your Epic Rover environment for testing.

Please note this only works if you are a current customer of Epic Rover and it is a limited test license.


  1. Sign Up here to receive your free trial subscription for smartphone based scanning in Epic Rover
  2. Go to “Projects” and click on “Add a Project”
  3. Choose a project name, e.g. "Scandit Trial for Epic Rover"Dashboard02.png
  4. Enter a description of your license key Dashboard03.png
  5. Enter your Customer ID of your Epic Rover instance (also called CID). In case you don’t know your CID, please see the next step. Dashboard04.png
  6. Please find your CID (a 2-4 digit number) in your Epic Rover CDE under “Barcode Settings” (press F6 and the CID shows up, see example: 000)ScanditEpic5.png
  7. enter it into the Customer ID fieldDashboard04.png
  8. Click "Finish" button to create your trial license.
  9. You have now created your trial license key for your Epic Rover Instance which you need to add in your Epic Rover CDE Barcode Settings here (select Scandit as decoder type):ScanditEpic4.png
  10. The created trial license is valid for Android and iOS devices and you may repeat entering the license key within your Epic Rover CDE for the other platform as well.
  11. Log out of the Epic Rover mobile application on the mobile device and log back. This will clear the cache of the Epic Rover mobile application, pull the Scandit trial license and you're able to use Scandit as Barcode Scanning Provider within Epic Rover.


Please note that trial license keys are limited in terms of time and amount of active devices.



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