Why am I getting out of memory issues after a while in my Web SDK implementation?

On some devices, it can be that the memory is not properly managed and extra load (due to other apps and processes) ends up causing an out of memory error.

To solve it, make sure to shut down your device and terminate other apps regularly (like every evening when stopping operations) to kill all polluting background processes.

If this does not solve it, then you can perform a few steps to reduce the load of our scanner itself:
1. Set a target FPS: picker.setTargetScanningFPS(5); You can set any number between 1 and 30 in this function, the higher will mean a higher load (more risky) and a faster scan. 5 should already give you a very fast scanning experience and greatly reduce the load on the device.

Finally, to further reduce the load and improve user experience, you can also help the scanner by restricting the scan area to the helper UI you set


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