How is Enterprise Browser for Android deployed via a EMM/MDM solution?

The Enterprise Browser for Android is typically distributed via MDM systems. The screenshots in this guide are from MobileIron Cloud, these instructions apply to MDM/EMM solutions from most vendors.

1. Add Application to app catalog and configure distribution

You can distribute our app directly from the Google Play Store. Search for "Enterprise Browser" in the admin console for your EMM/MDM solution and add it to your app catalogue.

3rd-Party Instructions:

2. Set Enterprise Browser deployment code 

To automatically synchronize your Enterprise Browser configuration with Scandit, you need to set the deployment code in the management console of your MDM/EMM solution. Once set, your users won't have to manually activate the Enterprise Browser via QR code and configuration chances are automatically distributed to all devices.


  1. Login on
  2. Select "Projects" on the left-hand menu and press "DETAILS" for your Android deployment.
  3.  At the top of the page, just below the QR code for your deployment, click "Show Deployment Code" and copy-paste the displayed code. This is the code you need to set in your MDM/EMM system.
  4. In your MDM system > "Managed Configurations" section, set the "Enterprise Browser MDM configuration" key to a JSON with "deploymentCode" as a key and the above string as its value. Please note that this screen might look different in your EMM/MDM system.
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