Why cannot I access the camera?

If you can't access the camera in your implementation, there are a couple of things to check:

  1. Are you using a supported browser?
  2. Are you either testing on localhost (you need to be on the device that serves this host) or with https (this is a browser security requirement)?
  3. Are you able to access the camera with our demo at
    1. If our demo runs, but your code doesn't, send a code snippet to and we can help you troubleshoot.    
    2. If you cannot access the camera with our demo either, can you load
      1. If you're able to access the camera on the WebRTC test site, but not in our demo, please let us know at  When reaching out, please include the device, OS version, and browser you are using.
      2. If you're unable to access the camera using the WebRTC test site, you can try the following 3 things:
        1. Reboot your device.
        2. Try a different supported browser (e.g., Firefox instead of Chrome).
        3. Check if your browser has settings that globally deny all camera access.
      3. If all fails, it means that the device you're using cannot access the camera in the browser (due to an old operating system or limitations from the manufacturer).
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