Is the Web SDK compatible with PWAs?

PWAs are fully supported on Android and on iOS since iOS 13.2.

For iOS <13.2, the Web SDK can be used in PWAs, but with one limitation as older iOS versions do not support video feed in WebViews used by PWAs.

We offer a single Image Mode to go around this limitation: you take a single image and we decode the barcode from it.

If that's not an option and you prefer to scan from the video feed, you can still allow the user to save the app to the desktop, but remove the meta tag "apple-mobile-web-app-capable".  This will open the app in native Safari, with the only difference being a URL shown at the top of the browser. If your project does not have such a tab and your app is still a PWA, change the "display" setting in your manifest file from “standalone” to “browser”.


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