Does the Web SDK work in Chrome, Firefox, and other apps' WebViews on iOS?

Webviews are supported since iOS 12, and other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox since iOS 14.3.


If you are on an older iOS version:

Unfortunately, due to limitations imposed by iOS, all external browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) using WebViews are not allowed to access the device’s cameras for video streaming. At this moment only Safari may access such a feed. For optimal UX, we thus recommend you to use Safari on iOS.


You can also find our public iOS native WebView sample containing all needed permission and requests here: iOS native WebView sample.


In the event you do need to support other browsers as well, we implemented a workaround to scan from a single image captured via the camera.


If the workaround does not work for your use case, we can also suggest trying our other products:

Keyboard Wedge

Enterprise Browser

They will allow you to scan barcodes without requiring the above limitations.

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