Upgrading the Scandit Barcode Scanner

How to upgrade from a test to a different edition

If you upgrade from the test edition you need to download the library from your new or updated account. Even if you continue to use the same account you need to re-download the SDK as its framework has changed with the upgrade. Once downloaded replace the test SDK that is currently built into your app. Finally check that the app key of your enterprise account matches the one in your app. If it doesn't match, replace it with the one in your account.

How to upgrade to a new version of the Scandit Barcode Scanner

Whenever you update to the newest version you simply need to replace the SDK with the newly downloaded version.



NuGet packages are cached at multiple levels. When upgrading, you will have to make sure that no previous package is cached. This is necessary, because the normal NuGet packaging mechanism breaks down when the version number of the package does not change. To remove the cached packages, you will have to perform the following steps:

  • In the windows command prompt, empty all the local nuget caches with: "nuget local all -Clear"
  • In your project, remove all the obj and bin folders.
  • If you are building a Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 phone app, make sure to remove the packages directly containing the local copy of installed NuGet packages as well.
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