How can I select one barcode among many?

When trying to scan a specific barcode in a crowded situation in which several codes are present in the camera view, an effective solution is to exploit the user input.
This allows the user to select a specific barcode among many.


If you are looking for how to avoid unintended scanning when dealing with barcodes closed together, you can find the right article here.


To provide a straightforward experience, Scandit developed the Barcode Selection API to help the developer activate different modes to select a single code among many:

  • Aim to Select allows you to select one barcode at a time using an aimer, with the possibility of tapping to confirm the selection. It is especially convenient for one-handed operation.
  • Tap to select is the quicker way to select when you need to select several barcodes from the same view. Selection can be done by tapping on a live feed, or by tapping on barcodes on a frozen screen.

You can find more information in the documentation pages for each specific platform/plugin:

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