How can I precisely select one barcode among many?

You might want to precisely select one barcode, e.g. when scanning codes from sheets with densely packed barcodes.

To be able to precisely aim for the barcode you want to scan, we recommend the following implementation:

  1. Start the scanner in paused mode (camera preview on but capture mode disabled and not scanning).

  2. Use our laser viewfinder to give the user a precise indication of where he should scan.

  3. Restrict the scanning area to a thin line in the center of the screen (you will find a guide about it for your platform in our documentation)

  4. Add a button to enable scanning on user tap. When the scanner is active, the button can be greyed out and display “Scanning”.

  5. When a barcode is scanned, disable scanning. This will ensure that you are not scanning any other codes.  

You can find more information on how to select a UI that corresponds your use case in the documentation pages for each specific platform/plugin:

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