How to find / create a license key?


How to find my license key?

License keys for the Scandit SDK can be found in your dashboard under

Please log in if you are a registered user within a trial or a production account and go to:



Open your corresponding project and you'll find the license keys which you can copy:




How to copy license keys?

  • Just click on copy icon on the right side (it doesn’t work for outdated and phased out license keys)
  • or click on 3 dots -> edit -> you’ll find here more information regarding the license keys, including the possibility of copying the keys

How do I generate a license key?

During trial, you can create a license keys on your dashboard.

For paid subscriptions, license keys are generated by our support team, and should be requested via the dashboard.

Please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your dashboard [link]
  • Add a new project or navigate to an existing project
  • Click “Create a License key” or “Request a License Key”
  • Follow prompts to provide required information

For trials, keys will be generated immediately and available inside the project.

For requested keys, Scandit will notify you once the key(s) have been created.



Once you have the license key, add it to your code related to Scandit.


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