Barcode does not scan

When you are trying to scan a barcode/2d code, the code is not recognized.

      ScanSettings settings = ScanSettings.Create();
      settings.SetSymbologyEnabled(Barcode.SymbologyEan13, true);
      settings.SetSymbologyEnabled(Barcode.SymbologyCode128, true);
      picker = new BarcodePicker(this, settings)


  • Code lengths: In case the symbology is enabled and the code does not scan, it is possible that the code is longer/shorter than the code lengths that are enabled by default. Check Changing the Length of the Barcodes to Decode for more details.


  • Contact us: When you have verified all of the above and the code still does not scan, contact us at with details on the device and sharp images of the barcode.
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