Google Glass Scandit SDK barcode configuration

For using Scandit SDK in Google Glass, the following optimisation instructions are recommended:

  • Enable the high density mode so that barcodes are processed in Full HD images (see example below).
  • Disable our barcode localisation algorithm because it consumes significant resources with the Full HD resolution and the low end Glass CPU (up to 70%). As a result the frame rate is fairly low. To disable the barcode localisation, it is recommend to set the active scanning area to a very small height (see example below). Barcodes are now only recognised across a single horizontal scan line in the image.
  • Set the zoom to 0.8 for best long range performance (see example below).

Here is a summary of the configuration recommended:  

ScanSettings settings = ScanSettings.create();
//Enable high density mode
//deactivate barcode localization by using small active scanning area height
new RectF(0.15f, 0.5f, 0.85f, 0.51f));
// optimum zoom 
// only activate the symbologies needed in your application
settings.setSymbologyEnabled(Barcode.SYMBOLOGY_CODE128, true);
mBarcodePicker = new BarcodePicker(this, settings);

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