Configuring the "Web Wedge" activity

This activity allows you to use the phone's barcode scanner to scan directly into fields of any web form, hosted by you, your supplier or anyone else.

To configure this activity, follow these steps:

  • Name the activity
  • Choose relevant barcode symbologies
  • Specify the start URL - this is the webpage hosting the form you would like to fill out with the help of a scanner
  • Specify the html class tag for the form fields for which you would like to launch the scanner 
  • Select the group of devices for which you would like to enable the scanner (see details here)

To determine the html class tag, open the web form in a web browser and right click on the form.  Select "inspect element" and look up the "class" of the form.

For forms that are password protected, you will be automatically redirected to the sign in form.  Upon signing in, you should be able to use the scanner to fill in the form.

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