Connecting your team's devices and customizing the invite message

Devices can be added to your team via the "Connect Devices" tab.  You can invite devices via an e-mail address, which sends an e-mail and a single-use activation code to be used on the smartphone or tablet.

The number of devices you can invite depends on your subscription.

Once a device has been invited, you can see it listed on the Connect Devices tab, where you can edit it or delete it.

Once a device has been connected, you will be able to see a date stamp in the "Linked" column.  For devices pending connection, you can send a reminder e-mail, by clicking the re-send icon.

When you add devices to your team via the Connect Devices tab, you can choose the group to which they are added.  By default, the first device is automatically added to the "Development" group, and all subsequent invited devices are added to "Production".

This allows you to selectively enable activities or changes to activities on some devices but not others.

You can name devices and change their group by clicking on the Edit icon.  

You can delete a device from your team by clicking the Delete icon.  This will automatically suspend the activities on that device, and log out the user.

You can also edit the default welcome message that is sent to your team by clicking "Edit invite message" underneath the e-mail input field. 

See here for more details about "Development", "Test" and "Production" groups.

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