Known issues with mobile Safari on iOS 11.2.2-11.2.6. Fixed in 11.3

Apple released iOS version 11.2.2 on January 8, 2018, as an emergency update meant to mitigate the effects of the widespread Spectre vulnerability.

This update also included changes related to WebKit and the Safari browser, as documented here. Unfortunately this update also introduced a critical WebAssembly bug, which causes this and many other libraries relying on this technology to randomly crash and fail to access memory with `Out of bounds memory access` errors.

Visitors to our demo at or to your library implementation may get stuck on application loading or may be unable to scan.


As a workaround, we recommend that you do not show the barcode scanning functionality to users accessing your website using a 11.2.2 or 11.2.5 device.  


This issue has been resolved by Apple in 11.3.



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