How can I switch between cameras and add other UI settings?

All the following actions can be performed in the "Additional Camera & UI Settings" of your dashboard's project. To access them:

  1. Login at with your credentials
  2. Click on the project card you want to modify
  3. Scroll the "Additional Camera & UI Settings" section

You can perform several actions in this section:

Switch between cameras (front and back-facing)

The keyboard wedge automatically selects the back-facing camera.

You can change this with two options:

  • Set the front-facing camera as a default
  • Enable a camera toggle on the scan screen which will let you switch between front and back-facing camera on the scan screen

Set a default zoom

If you need to scan tiny codes, setting a default zoom to be used in scan sessions might help.

Add a torch toggle

Select that option if you sometimes encounter dark/low-light environments and need a toggle on the scan screen to quickly turn the device's torch on.

Play a beep after a scan

Select that option to give audio feedback after a scan.


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