How do I setup the Keyboard Wedge on Android?

Please note that you need a valid Scandit Keyboard Wedge subscription to follow the steps below. Learn how to Sign Up for a free 14-day trial.

1. To test the Scandit Keyboard Wedge, you first need to download it from the Google Play Store.

Android_1.png Android_2.png Android_3.png

2. Open the app and grant the Keyboard Wedge camera access so it can scan barcodes.

3. Once it has access, scan the setup code shown on your Keyboard Wedge Dashboard to pair the app with your subscription (login here). You will find the QR code in the details of the relevant project.

4. Once you scanned the QR code, follow the instructions of the app to enable the keyboard. If you do not get the instructions, you will find the Scandit Wedge Keyboard in Settings > Language and Input > On-screen keyboard > Manage Keyboards.

5. Switch the keyboard to use the Scandit Wedge.

Once you have finished all steps, the Keyboard Wedge will now be present whenever the keyboard is open. You will have a button at the top to start scanning.

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