How can I configure what barcodes are recognized?

You can configure what barcodes are configured in the Keyboard Wedge Dashboard.

  1. Login at with your credentials
    Screen_Shot_2017-09-19_at_16.58.37-deployments.png Select "Deployments" on the right-hand menu Screen_Shot_2017-09-19_at_16.58.41-details.png Open "Details" for the deployment Screen_Shot_2017-09-19_at_16.58.50-config.png Click "Edit Configuration"
  2. Click "Deployments" on the right side menu.
  3. Select the deployment you want to update.
  4. Click "Edit Configuration".
  5. You can then configure which barcodes you want the barcode scanner to decodeScreen_Shot_2017-09-19_at_17.09.05.png
  6. Don't forget to click "save" once you are done.
  7. Reload the configuration on the devices.


 Further restrict the accepted barcodes via regular expression

If you want to further restrict what barcodes are accepted by the Keyboard Wedge, you can specify a specific match as a regular express. Only barcode data matching the specified regular expression is accepted by the keyboard wedge.


Learn more about regular expressions at




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