How can I configure what barcodes are recognized?

Standard configuration

You can configure what barcodes are configured in the Keyboard Wedge Dashboard.

  1. Login at with your credentials
  2. Click on the project card you want to modify
  3. Check or uncheck the "Symbologies" chips
  4. Reload the configuration on the devices.

Advanced configuration (only if needed)

If the symbology you need is still not scanned with the above, you will need finer-grained control.

  1. Download the Scandit Demo App on the Play Store or App Store
  2. Open the “Any Code” mode
  3. Scan the barcode. You will then have information about the symbology (e.g., EAN 13, QR code, …) and the symbol counts (if relevant).
  4. Make sure the relevant symbology chip (Retail/Industrial/2D) is checked in the dashboard
  5. Hover over the relevant symbology chip (Retail/Industrial/2D)
  6. Click on the "Advanced Config" link that appears below
  7. Enable the code (symbology) you need and, if relevant, activate the right symbol counts by clicking on the "More Options" link to the right of the symbology name
  8. Do not activate codes you do not need, as it might slow down your scanner
  9. Reload the configuration on the devices.

Further restrict the accepted barcodes via regular expressions 

If you want to further restrict what barcodes are accepted by the Keyboard Wedge, you can specify a specific match as a regular expression. Only barcode data matching the specified regular expression is accepted by the keyboard wedge. The corresponding field is in the "Data validation" section. You can choose to highlight rejected barcodes in the scan UI using the toggle next to it.


Learn more about regular expressions at




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